Puppy Preschool

Dog Training Classes

Puppy Preschool Training Classes

Recommended as soon as your puppy's vaccines have started - don't wait until 16 weeks! Get started socializing and training your puppy early, in a safe learning environment. Socialize your puppy with others the same age, and meet fellow puppy owners. Learn how to prevent and deal with common puppy problems, like house soiling, potty training, chewing, nipping with those sharp teeth, digging, jumping up and barking. Definitely the cutest class in town!

Prerequisites & Eligibility

  • For puppies, ages 8-11 weeks.
  • One your puppy's first vaccinations have begun.

Frequency & Class Size

Lessons are one hour per week for 4 weeks. You will enjoy small class sizes, for individual attention. Your first week's class is without your dog, for orientation.

Greater Sacramento Location

All dog training classes are held at Animal Rehabilitation Center
3017 Gold Canal Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Every class includes the following free resources:

  • Training & Behavior Packet

    Informative information packet from your expert dog trainer, Jean Gauchat Hargis

  • Dr. Ian Dunbar's eBook

    After you Get your Puppy is a priceless eBook for training your puppy, covering chapters like Household Etiquette, Socialization, and Bite Inhibition

  • Top Dog Academy

    Access to the Free Course Collection: Essential behavior & training tips for dog owners and professionals


  • You are required to wear a mask during class.
  • Practice social distancing of at least 6 feet at all times, including during class. 
  • Classes are available to a reduced number of dogs.
  • Please minimize the number of people coming with each dog.  If anyone in your family is feeling ill, please don't come to class.