Your Dog's Success

As your agents, our business is to achieve the highest amount of success with your dog as possible. We offer professional grooming, conditioning, training and presentation of your dog. We will spend the time needed to get your dog fit for the show ring. Maybe you have a wonderful dog that needs a little help getting into the show ring. That is Jean’s specialty. She can help your dog become a better furry kid for the rest of his/her life! This takes you, owner/client, and us working together with cooperation and understanding to reach these goals. We feel your dog can finish quicker and be less expensive than doing it yourself.


1+ AKC Champions


Non-Sporting, Herding, Working, Sporting, Toy, Hound & Terrier groups

We have had multiple Eukanuba, National Specialty and Independent Specialty Best of Breed wins. Whether you are a long time breeder or just starting out we would love to work with you!

Jean N. Gauchat

Professional Handler

Jean handling
"We are honest people and do not like to get involved in the dog show drama that goes on. We have a job to do and we take that very seriously." Jean N. Gauchat
We would be happy to evaluate your dog and tell you what the potential is. We look forward to working with you!
Jean handling

On the Road

We attended over 200 all breed shows, independent specialties and National specialties in 2019, traveling in a diesel 40’ motorhome which is totally self-contained. This allows us to sleep in the same vehicle with the dogs so they are cared for properly after showing has completed for the day. We offer your dog the comforts of home while on the road. We travel to shows in California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho and Montana. We will upon request travel to Westminster, Eukanuba and your National.

The Best Care

We provide the best care for your dogs in all types of weather. We can accommodate one very large dog (200lbs), six-eight large dogs (70lbs) and eight-ten small dogs (up to 40 lbs) comfortably. We have built in crates that are roomy for napping in. Dogs are assigned their individual crate and bedding is supplied to dogs that enjoy the added comfort in their crate. All of the dogs in our care are hand walked to potty and placed in exercise pens to stretch their legs. We also exercise the dogs daily with a bike ride.

Our assistants take pride in feeding, walking, training, exercising and grooming our dogs.