Private Lessons

Exclusive Dog Training Classes

Private Dog Training Classes

Would you rather have private training for your dog, with one-on-one, individual attention from an expert trainer with over 25 years experience? Maybe you need training classes that can work around your schedule? Or maybe you need to work on a specific behavioral problem that is keeping you from a group class setting?

We cover such issues as running away, digging, barking, nipping, jumping, house soiling, chewing, counter surfing, cat chasing and all basic obedience commands. Classes are also offered to focus on the skills required for conformation shows.

Prerequisites & Eligibility

  • Your dog must be current on Bordetella, DHPP (at least one for puppies), Flu, and Rabies at 16 weeks and older, that have been administered by a veterinarian. We recommend pets receive these vaccines at least 2 weeks prior for full immunity, when possible.
  • Unsure if private lessons are right for you? Contact your dog trainer, Jean N. Gauchat, for guidance.

Available Dates

Please call or email Jean for availability.

Greater Sacramento Location

Please contact us for location information.

Every class includes the following free resources:

  • Training & Behavior Packet

    Informative information packet from your expert dog trainer, Jean N. Gauchat

  • Dr. Ian Dunbar's eBook

    After you Get your Puppy is a priceless eBook for training your puppy, covering chapters like Household Etiquette, Socialization, and Bite Inhibition

  • Top Dog Academy

    Access to the Free Course Collection: Essential behavior & training tips for dog owners and professionals